Iversen Cabin at Bucks Lake



That’s what they say so I for one am playing along.  NOAA for Bucks Lake says; 3″ Sunday night and 4″ Monday

Tahoe Daily Snow says; “Then a strong storm is possible for next Thursday….we could see a multi-day storm that brings a lot of snow.”


Well that sounds encouraging!


This is a lot of snow


Golly Gee Where is Winter

Well it’s a balmy 52 degree’s today,  still a little snow on the roads.  won’t be long and the yahoo’s will be driving in.

EXTENDED FORECAST:  When is it going to snow?

Answer:  hahahahahahahahahahahha not in the next 10 days or a Miracle March may be  in order🤔

Interesting way to start the new year.  Now this guy has the right attitude!!

Go with the flow…… no worries…

Chris barefoot

only at Bucks Lake

Winter Has Finally Arrived

Yes that is snow!!!!   I can’t believe that it took till mid-January to get a measurable amount on the ground.  May the winter storm doors be open.

If the rate of snow fall was equal to the raise in the Trump Economy (Wall Street) we would be in distress from the feet’s of snow or maybe  measured in 10’s of feet’s of snow.  Well you can’t have it all.  I declare this to be a Trump winter event,  (why not he gets blamed for everything else)

Please I only ask one thing of a few of you….. Start your snowmobile at home BEFORE you get to the summit to block all of us who have planned ahead and made sure our machine will start.

Let the fat kids sing….