Iversen Cabin at Bucks Lake


Summer is almost over

Well it’s been a good year,  the bridge is fixed, new paint all around, the cameras work again.  All we need now is a short fall and snow snow snow.  Oh wait I don’t have the fire wood stacked.


Who wants to come help stack 4 cords of firewood?  Just give me a cal and I will tell you where to stack it  hahahaha

Labor day was exhausting with all the chipmunk fishing and other shenanigan’s

August is alive and well

Some smoke still in the area, but the arsonist is still going at it.    4 Sunday in Taylorsville then 3 more in Paxton.  That’s getting close again.


Working on the bridge to get it back in shape,  burn piles not to large this year.  NEW Tv 65 inches of curved 4 K UHD………. yada yada yada  upgraded internet  ho  can’t tell the difference but Hughesnet raves about it.

There supposed to be painting the cabin so it will look new and shiny for the winter.




Welcome to May

Well there’s snow on the ground but not in the tree wells so that means we are getting closer to that time when we can say with certainty that winter is OVER….

I saw a daffodil bud trying to punch up through the snow out by the sign,  That’s one hearty daffy.

It sue would be nice to get Countryman road plowed so I can start the spring cleaning.

Oh well time marches on as I just sit around making lists of things to do



April Showers Bring May Flowers…….

Well if they can bloom through six feet of snow     haha

I for one are ready for some sunshine and warm days.  It’s time to get out there and enjoy the bountiful show mother nature has for us.

I saw the geese circling and looking for some corn,  I put some out but they did not come and eat it.  wonder why?

Well when the snow melts we will back in full swing and ready to go for the summer at Bucks.

March come in like a lion and goes out like a ………..

Let’s just see…

With the roads damaged will the County start plowing early??

Atmospheric River

atmospheric river…… it’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring.  Yesterday it was 40 inches of snow due with the latest round of “exceptional weather event”, today it’s 12 inches of snow?  Where did all that forecast snow go???????????

I for one will patiently wait until it’s all over, then I can ride snowmobiles and enjoy the rain beaten snow till April 15th.  Why April 15th you ask  that’s plow day or until the bridge rails show themselves.  But….

Big problem between the Haskin’s bridge and the fire house.  Good ol Haskin’s Creek is trying to change its path to the lake and is undermining the road;  yes Bucks Lake Road..  Will there be any bridge rails to measure the snow upon?

So we will have road construction on BLR and ORO-Quincy highway in Butte County this summer.  Have some compassion for the flaggers they are only doing their job.


Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow

Yes the snow has arrived and after several weeks of on again off again snow we finally have a great winter.

That Trump snow rally is just like the stock market… the amount of snow just keeps going up!!

Will it ever stop??   The powers been out so the cameras out of date but PG&E is working on it….  Hang in there a little longer.  Maybe it will look like this

Hahahahaha  (This was January 2011)Where's the door?

Ol’ Man Winter Arrives

generalOh my gosh it snowing, raining, flooding, powers out, exc………  Wait a minute that’s Quincy’s forecast.  HaHa

Its beautiful at Bucks Lake,  loads of snow a forecast for up to 84 more inches (7 feet) and the poker run just around the corner.

I for one cannot wait to see all this come together.  What a great start to 2017.  {Must be the Trump snow rally}  Making american snow great again.

Lil Mac hope your arm heals….I love the purple cast.

White Christmas?

We have some snow but their still plowing the roads.  Just a little longer my friends and ol man winter will lambaste us with loads of snow, then it will be time to….. snowmobile, play, winter fun, Christmas tree hunt, party, family, friends, joy of Christmas eve, New Years Day and on and on and on…..

I’m ready  are YOU?

Well the long term and short term weather forecasts are for rain, snow, rain, no snow, no rain, drought,…    yea yea yea

As for me I forecast a bumper crop of snow which alternates with beautiful dry days, over night snow and warm sunny days.

Can’t wait…..

I hear the Generals coming to the lake.  That otta be fun 🙂


Summers over Let’s Welcome Fall

The wind and cool nights have arrived.  Maybe the cooler nights will chase off the bee’s. I doubt it just make them angry.

The wood pile is complete, the grass is growing very slowly, the ferns are turning yellow, the hummingbirds are gone as are the geese and the ducks.  Time to do a little deer hunting.

Still a couple months till the snow arrives but who’s counting.


The Winds Of Summer, and Beauty Of Nature

We have 21 geese in the meadow this week,  not the 54 of last year but a respectable amount of wild life.  Oh and a small bear keeps coming around looking for a ………………

Saw 2 does and one almost buck in the meadow as well he had 2 nubs in velvet.  Maybe he will grow into a legal deer.

Summer is a great time to sit back and relax, watch the grass grow and enjoy the balmy nights outside.  I think that’s exactly what I will do…..

4th of July here we come

Pancakes on the 3rd  company all weekend what could be better?  We will even have Bronco Billy for a special friend.  Let’s camp under the stars and enjoy a camp fire, maybe a bar b que or a ride in the forest on a rock hunting mission.  Oh what could be better??

Live life at Bucks Lake   I’m more than ready for the wonderful experience.  see ya….


Welcome the April rain and bring on the green grass of the meadow

Schools almost out, graduation is near, summers nearly here, lake is FULL, need to de-track the ATV and get ready to ride…..

Spring Time Has Come To The Meadow….

April flowers make May Showers… huh  I mean April showers….

I can’t wait to get to ground level and start mowing the grass, enjoying the daffodils, and other plant life.  Wonder if the bear wants to come around   hope not!

Well we are attending the Quincy fire Academy every weekend in April in preparation for this summer.  40+ hours of training time will be spent and another 40+ in travel. ouch

Still it has to be done..  Bring On Spring


Yep That’s The Snow Camera Working Again!!!

Well the 5 feet and the 3 feet revision did not materialize… We have about a foot over the old stuff.  Roads showing at the usual locations on the way in.

I was mowing the snow and there is not a  bottom as usual. That means unless it gets Really cold this stuff will keep melting.

As I came up the canyon the water was flowing so the reservoirs will be full,  now I can wash my car   hehehehehe


Parade of Storms into next week, Some Heavy especially from Saturday and Beyond.

76 trombones lead the big parade with 110 cornets close at hand and a pack of zombies,  HELLLLLLOOO 41 degrees will not produce snow from my view at the grandstand on Countryman Lane.

Well I am not puxatony Phil but the shadow in my rear view mirror is more like last year then 2011.  As the best weather prognosticator in my world of influence I suggest you dust off the yellow slicker and cowboy hat  rather than the Klim snow gear,……..  just saying its March


My password to the email was hacked so I had to change the e mail password….. OK so what???  Well….. that is how the camera gets to the internet and eventually to your wonderful computer screen just like right now

problem: no current picture

Solution: I have to go to the lake and change the password on each camera!!  Given the 400 +or- feet of snow that fell last night who wants to go in with me and     (dig my snow machine out 50 or more times while I pant like a dog in 100 degree weather)        enjoy a great couple days at the cabin

Just e mail me and let me know  we could burn some animal flesh over refined fossil fuel and have a green leafy thing salad prior and maybe a baked root as the Irish did.  I think the Irish used a libation for medical pour-poses  as I will contest, no doubt after a few..


Spring Time Has Come To The Meadow? Not So Fast My Friend

I was looking at the long-range weather and it appears there may be something on the horizon that will not make this statement come true.  “March and April will be gully washers”  the streams will over flow their banks, carnage all across the meadow, even the beavers will look for higher ground!

And if that’s not optimistic enough remember March 2011 we had 20 feet of the white stuff.  All I can say is


Back at ya Donald, Make America Great Again

Trump xmas card

Thanks for the Christmas card Donald!!

Merry Christmas from Kmart Merry Xmas

Its that time again   bombarded by ad’s for stuff you don’t need or even want.  All I want for Christmas is snow snow snow!

(Sing it )  Santa baby bring me a new Polaris…  or   Arctic Cat and don’t forget the Triton trailer too…

Weather Forecast  2-4 feet of fresh snow by the 26th of December. We have 3+ feet now!!       Bring it on

Shout out to Steve and Chris for your help


All I see is Matt in my rear view mirror  LOL


Fall is here, Cooler days and chilly nights


Temperatures getting cooler!  Rain is on the horizon.  A new bar b que for winter prime rib……….

The wood stacking is all done and thanks to the  many who showed up to help.  With a nice fire we can all be toasty warm as the monstrous storms of winter arrive and pile snow so deep we have to burrow out like gophers in the lawn.

I look forward to winter and the fun we have at the cabin.  Snowmobiling, ATVing, Sledding, lunch at Sandy Point in the snow…….

Fun with family, friends, and new acquaintances.

Spring, Summer, and now Fall

We are getting close to the end of the summer season, and Fall is going to be in the air.  Rain, snow, wind, cold nights and cold days are soon to be upon us….

“Let er snow” as Dave says

Hunting season is just days from now   wheres the big bucks  “horns a plenty”

winterize the ATV’s and get the snowmobiles ready to ride.. life is grand

August at Bucks Lake

Kellyasnn Red Mt. RZR Red Mt. ATV2 Dave Red Mt. RZRWell August is upon us and the fire season is well under way.  Thank goodness we have a cooler climate in Bucks Lake so we do not have to endure the heat, thunder storms, torrent rain, strong winds that other places are in the mist of.

Nice 70 -80 degrees temperate nights and gentle breezes are all to common at Bucks Lake.  I guess I should go up and enjoy.


See you there

Please note: no lions were harmed in the writing of this post.  (Bears are a different story  LOL)



Summertime at Bucks Lake

The pancake breakfast is over , audits done, Davids in the last weeks of summer school, time to ATV ride and enjoy the lake.  Who’s up for that????

Summers here

60° during the day, 29° at night, rain coming ,  lots of sun and fun,  The lake is full of water,  April showers bring May flowers image image