Iversen Cabin at Bucks Lake

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Mother natures way to remind us to shelter in place


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January 11


6 November, 2019 14:33

Summer Has Arrived

Gone is the snow of the winter time now the earth wears a carpet of green.   Time to feed the chipmunks…….

where’s the geese?

Oroville sunflower


I fixed the power problem!

all I had to do was plug it back in…..

I’ve Found A New Hobby

Shoveling snow is a great hobby and works to keep my upper body strength training and cardio workout alive and well.

All though I did find it hard to shovel and snow blow for hours but just like a Chinese prison camp you get used to the hard labor.  I have muscles on muscles……

Only four more feet and I will have the snowmobile dug out.  Then its time for the other machines…

I wish you a happy day also


The snow is falling, it’s getting deep

Winter View of Cabin


snow all week and then more snow… How are we ever going to keep up with all the snow on the ground….

Here Fishy Fishy……Little Fishy Want Some Blood Worms

From ALL of us at Bucks we wish you a Happy New Year……    Can’t wait for the weather to change.

P.S.  The fish say Thank You


Well I got this photo from Florida  I think it says it all


Merry Christmasxmas aligator

Where’s the Snow??

I feel it on the horizon  tons of snow and even more fun in the winter than last year.

General at rocs

Summer is Here

The grass is starting to grow. big shadows on the driveway.  Temperatures in the 70’s  what more could you ask for.


Pancakes are on July 7th at 8am  see you there



Oroville sunflower

Found this in East Texas

Spring Time Has Come To The Meadow

Well not quite yet but sooooooooon………

Mother nature is changing the scene…. gone will be the snows of the winter time then the earth will wear a carpet of green…..

As for me  I will be alligator hunting while this happens 🙂

Looking forward to April and May And June And Pancake July and……

After looking at the cabin pictures I see a new roof in the near future.


Fresh snow

Desperation leads to desperate measures.

Full snow suit, snow shoes, broom,  long walk in 5 feet of snow to dust off the internet dish……

Well the powers back on for now!


That’s what they say so I for one am playing along.  NOAA for Bucks Lake says; 3″ Sunday night and 4″ Monday

Tahoe Daily Snow says; “Then a strong storm is possible for next Thursday….we could see a multi-day storm that brings a lot of snow.”


Well that sounds encouraging!


This is a lot of snow

Golly Gee Where is Winter

Well it’s a balmy 52 degree’s today,  still a little snow on the roads.  won’t be long and the yahoo’s will be driving in.

EXTENDED FORECAST:  When is it going to snow?

Answer:  hahahahahahahahahahahha not in the next 10 days or a Miracle March may be  in order🤔

Interesting way to start the new year.  Now this guy has the right attitude!!

Go with the flow…… no worries…

Chris barefoot

only at Bucks Lake

Winter Has Finally Arrived

Yes that is snow!!!!   I can’t believe that it took till mid-January to get a measurable amount on the ground.  May the winter storm doors be open.

If the rate of snow fall was equal to the raise in the Trump Economy (Wall Street) we would be in distress from the feet’s of snow or maybe  measured in 10’s of feet’s of snow.  Well you can’t have it all.  I declare this to be a Trump winter event,  (why not he gets blamed for everything else)

Please I only ask one thing of a few of you….. Start your snowmobile at home BEFORE you get to the summit to block all of us who have planned ahead and made sure our machine will start.

Let the fat kids sing….

What The?????

Where’s all the snow?   We are up all the  Christmas weeks with friends and family and not a drop of snow.  Oh yea your right it is GLOBAL WARMING   haahahahaha

Poker Run’s the 3rd of February  big snow forecast for the week of the 15th of January.  Please play along with this game as I for one am ready to ride.

Thanks to my friends for the Christmas presents and good times, back to Costco for some more Bourbon though.

See ya



Santa baby bring me a new…………

Polaris, or an arctic cat, and how about a new ranger on tracks… and don’t forget the trailer toooo…


What a great song just need to copy-write it so I can make as much money as Taylor Swift.

Here yee Here yeee   winter approaches and its a gonna snow baby.  Bring it on we are ready, willing, and able.


Please let me be the first to say  MERRY CHRISTMAS

from Kmart

Winter Means Snow

Winter View of Cabin

Winter View of Cabin

Just a little longer then it’s snowing.  Can’t wait  bring it on!

Summer is almost over

Well it’s been a good year,  the bridge is fixed, new paint all around, the cameras work again.  All we need now is a short fall and snow snow snow.  Oh wait I don’t have the fire wood stacked.


Who wants to come help stack 4 cords of firewood?  Just give me a cal and I will tell you where to stack it  hahahaha

Labor day was exhausting with all the chipmunk fishing and other shenanigan’s