Atmospheric River

atmospheric river…… it’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring.  Yesterday it was 40 inches of snow due with the latest round of “exceptional weather event”, today it’s 12 inches of snow?  Where did all that forecast snow go???????????

I for one will patiently wait until it’s all over, then I can ride snowmobiles and enjoy the rain beaten snow till April 15th.  Why April 15th you ask  that’s plow day or until the bridge rails show themselves.  But….

Big problem between the Haskin’s bridge and the fire house.  Good ol Haskin’s Creek is trying to change its path to the lake and is undermining the road;  yes Bucks Lake Road..  Will there be any bridge rails to measure the snow upon?

So we will have road construction on BLR and ORO-Quincy highway in Butte County this summer.  Have some compassion for the flaggers they are only doing their job.



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