Iversen Cabin at Bucks Lake


Parade of Storms into next week, Some Heavy especially from Saturday and Beyond.

76 trombones lead the big parade with 110 cornets close at hand and a pack of zombies,  HELLLLLLOOO 41 degrees will not produce snow from my view at the grandstand on Countryman Lane.

Well I am not puxatony Phil but the shadow in my rear view mirror is more like last year then 2011.  As the best weather prognosticator in my world of influence I suggest you dust off the yellow slicker and cowboy hat  rather than the Klim snow gear,……..  just saying its March


My password to the email was hacked so I had to change the e mail password….. OK so what???  Well….. that is how the camera gets to the internet and eventually to your wonderful computer screen just like right now

problem: no current picture

Solution: I have to go to the lake and change the password on each camera!!  Given the 400 +or- feet of snow that fell last night who wants to go in with me and     (dig my snow machine out 50 or more times while I pant like a dog in 100 degree weather)        enjoy a great couple days at the cabin

Just e mail me and let me know  we could burn some animal flesh over refined fossil fuel and have a green leafy thing salad prior and maybe a baked root as the Irish did.  I think the Irish used a libation for medical pour-poses  as I will contest, no doubt after a few..


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