Jingle Bells are a Ringin, Ding Dong Ding Dong

Chicken little says “the lake level is falling, the lake level is falling”  then Marin says that all the reservoirs are overflowing and this is the most water ever in December. Marin declared a state of emergency due to the flooding. They are breaching levees to let all the water out to the bay.

The Sacramento news says we are 117% of normal rainfall for the month of December.

But…..   Roseville put in an emergency surcharge” on the water bill and the water police are still looking for people who are watering their lawns on the wrong day.  My back yard at home is flooded, the creek is rising, hwy 101 is closed due to flooding,  I am not sure the government has the right message here.

All I want for Christmas is snow, snow, snow,  and time to ride the snowmobiles.  Bring on  the family and friends

What should I put in my eggnog?


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